About Me

Living Well

As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. I developed a love for gardening. Back then I didn’t understand the benefits of being able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Today, I understand the health benefits of eating fresh from the garden as well as the nutritional properties of my grandmother’s bone broth and green juice. Yes, she served me green juice and beef broth just before she added her vegetables for soup or stew.  She had a great impact on the choices I made for my family.

The Learning Process

During my journey to eat healthily, I’ve learned how simple things we do or do not do can impact our overall health, and determine the speed for which we are able to recover from our injuries and illnesses. My experience showed me that knowledge is still power, and important to the process of maintaining overall wellness.

Sharing Is Caring

My goal for this website is to be a part of a helping community of people that assist individuals who are looking for resources, that will contribute to their journey of living life well. Wishing you the best life ever, as we take this journey together.